Emerging technologies and environmental concerns have raised the bar on the level of care and service in the commercial janitorial services. We are constantly looking at new ways to improve our services and products to provide our clients with the best in the cleaning industry.


carpet cleaning

Carpets take a beating everyday, but is also the first thing your clients see when they walk into your building. Regular commercial carpet maintenance is the first line of defense to extend the life of your carpets and to keep them looking their best for those important first impressions.


floor cleaning

Every floor finish requires special care and attention to keep your clients safe from slip hazards as well as maintained per industry standards. We strive to maintain your floors with a proper floor are maintenance program that will ensure safety and excellent finish quality.


Power washing

AJS delivers that extra attention to detail that will provide your facility with the best care. Our staff are knowledgeable and equipped to expertly power wash your facility from the exterior walls to parking lots and walkways.


window cleaning

A regular indoor/outdoor window cleaning maintenance program is prepared for your specific facility needs to provide that extra level of care. This also provides you with a great first impression by removing salt, grime and excess dirt that accumulates on your windows.


let the experts provide you these services, and so much more.