Committed to bringing you the best in high quality professional cleaning services.

Specializing in commercial and industrial cleaning for the past 16 years, with a combined 60 years of experience in the janitorial industry. AJS employees are highly trained to meet the evolving industry standards.



Committed to bringing you the best quality service to our customers through our high quality products and trained employees. Through supervision and training, our employees provide the best cleaning services that meet and surpass industry standards.



AJS only employs individuals that have proven that they are trustworthy and honest. Backgrounds checks are submitted as needed as well as various checks and verifications of prior work experiences prior to placing an individual in a building. Trust and honesty are a vital component to providing high quality cleaning care in our facilities, and we will not settle for any less than the best.



AJS has an around the clock staff and support team that will mobilize our teams for any and all emergencies. Emergencies do arise and we are ready to send our crew out to help meet your needs 24/7.

A way for Clients to Communicate with us, Seamlessly.


We use one of the top communication methods to ensure that our clients can communicate with us directly, allowing us to help with quality control to satisfy our customers needs.



Scheduling, Made Easy.


Issue Tracking, Made Simple

The Bottom Line

We are Dedicated to Providing You with the Best High Quality, Professional Cleaning Maintenance Services.